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The Australian Eye and Ear Health Survey is a cross-sectional study to determine the prevalence of vision and hearing impairment among 1,750 Indigenous and 3,250 non-Indigenous Australians across 30 nation-wide sites. This study follows the National Eye Health Survey that conducted in 2015-16. We aim to understand the changes in eye diseases since this last Survey and understand ear health among older Australians.

Collaboration and Funding

This survey is led by the Westmead Institute for Medical Research and University of Sydney, with partners the University of New South Wales, Brien Holden Foundation, The George Institute for Global Health, and Macquarie University. This survey is funded by Australian Government Department of Health and Macquarie University. 

Ethics Approval

University of Sydney HREC (2020/818)

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies HREC (EO303-20211008).

Take-home questionnaires

For study participants who have completed the hard copy take-home questionnaires, please mail them to:

Richard Kha

176 Hawkesbury Road

Westmead NSW 2145

Contact Us

Artwork description by artist Kyara Fernando:

"The design that I have created incorporates concepts focused on the eye, ear and the outlining of Australia to symbolically and represent The Vision and Hearing within Australia.  

The hands are designed to represent the identity of the people, All people of Australia. Drawn patterns of leaves show the connection to country and give an example of the visual environment within Australia and associated feelings that come from being in nature.  The lines are visual representation of sound, vibrations echoing through the land."

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